His Royal Imperial Highness Grand Prince and Grand Duke Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich

Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

Grand Imperial Master OT Knight Grand Cross1st Class

H.E Eduard Iulian Carauleanu

Baron Von Holly Roman Empire .GRAND CANCELLAR O.T FOR ROMANIA.,

H.E Marius Nicolae Sidau Old Roman Catholic Bishop Of Detroit (U.S.A) Grand Imperial O.T Bishop. O.T Knight In grand Cross 1 - st Class - Member Of O.T Grand Concile.

His Excellency Count Von Rurikovich Constantin Telegan - Grand Imperial Priory Commander O.T.

Noble Baron O.T. Knight Daniel I Faina

Baron Of Holly Roman Empire Grand Commander O.T for Varadinum (Grossvardein) Fortrac

H.E Arthur Mayer

Baron Von Holly Roman Empire.Grand Protector Over Banat Romania. OT Knight Grand Cross

H.E Graf.Daniel E.Nica Von Rurikovich

Grand Imperial General Magistral Commander O.T. Knight In Grand Kross 1-st Class. (Deputy of the Grand Imperial Master

Commander O.T.)

H.E Mark W. Nelson Baron O.T - Of Holly Roman Empire . Grand Priory O.T Commander Over U.S State Oregon. O.T Knight In Grand Kross

Noble Baron Commander Adrian Brawn

Baron of Holly Roman Empire - Grand O.T Commander Over Mehadia Fortrace and Caras Severin.

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